UPDATE: ABC director revokes River Valley Relief's cultivation license

The director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control division revoked River Valley Relief’s cultivation license after a nearly hour-long hearing Monday. 
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A marijuana post-mortem with David Couch

We caught up with Couch to get his thoughts on the election, why he thinks the amendment failed and the prospects for a recreational marijuana amendment in the future. 

Judge denies Nolan new trial in case over River Valley license

Circuit Judge Herb Wright has denied the owner of an embattled Fort Smith cultivation facility from intervening in a case that could determine his business' fate and denied him a new trial in the matter in a pair of rulings issued Monday. 

Fort Smith cultivator asks for new trial, says $6 million of marijuana could be wasted

Storm Nolan, owner of Fort Smith's embattled River Valley Relief cultivation facility, filed a motion in circuit court this week asking for a new trial. Nolan also argued he should be given a hearing by the Alcoholic Beverage Control division and that $6 million of marijuana could be wasted.

Lawyers ask judge to make state move ahead with revoking cultivation license, skip hearing

The plaintiff in a lawsuit that could determine the future of a Fort Smith cultivator filed a motion Tuesday asking a judge to step in to order state regulators to follow the judge’s orders and not hold a license revocation hearing later this month. 

The Spice from Native Green Wellness' in-house grow operation hits just right

When I arrived home from a pleasant walk to my local voting site earlier this week, I promptly celebrated the exercise of my civil liberty by rolling up a joint of The Spice, a strain from dispensary Native Green Wellness' in-house grow operation, known as GOLDEN. Toking up on my front porch with a ginger-lemon tea and some freshly cut strawberries was picturesque.

ABC director to consider revoking River Valley license at Nov. 28 hearing

The director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control division will consider revoking the cultivation license of River Valley Relief in a hearing on November 28. Meanwhile, the state Medical Marijuana Commission approved ownership changes at one cultivation facility and two dispensaries at its meeting Thursday.

Heber Springs dispensary owners file suit over fraud, legal malpractice

Two owners of a Heber Springs dispensary filed a lawsuit this week against Alex Gray and Nate Steel over allegations of fraud and legal malpractice. 

Recreational marijuana — and at least two other constitutional amendments — go down

A proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana went up in smoke Tuesday. Arkansas voters solidly rejected a plan to decriminalize cannabis six years after they voted for medical marijuana.

State moving forward with revoking River Valley Cultivation license

The state notified Circuit Judge Herb Wright in a letter Monday that it is moving forward with revoking the cultivation license of River Valley Relief Cultivation after the judge ruled last week that a state commission had issued the license in error. 

Snoop Dogg endorses Issue 4 in video

Rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg endorsed Issue 4 in a video Monday. The endorsement follows a video endorsement by Arkansas golfer John Daly on Saturday.

Gazing into the crystal ball to understand how marijuana legalization could look in The Natural State

The Arkansas marijuana landscape will change significantly for cannabis businesses and consumers if Arkansas voters approve an amendment to legalize recreational marijuana on Nov. 8. 

Judge rules marijuana commission wrongly awarded license to River Valley Relief Cultivation

A circuit judge in Little Rock ruled Thursday evening that state regulators erred when they awarded a cultivation license to a Fort Smith business in 2020 and said the state should “take all steps necessary to remedy these violations.” 

UPDATE: Arkansas Poll shows waning support for marijuana legalization

The Arkansas Poll, conducted by Janine Parry of the University of Arkansas, showed support for Issue 4 at 41% with 59% in opposition. Previous polls by Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College found support at 58.5% in September and 50.5% last month. 

Ruling expected this week in cultivation facility lawsuit

A ruling is expected this week on a circuit court case in which the plaintiffs ask the court to strip a Fort Smith cultivation facility of a license it says was wrongly awarded. 

Why Issue 4 is right for Arkansas

Issue 4 can’t solve every problem in one fell swoop – few laws can do that. But what Issue 4 absolutely will do is to serve as a critically important stepping stone for cannabis reform in Arkansas.

Backers of marijuana legalization amendment dwarf opposition in latest fundraising report

Responsible Growth Arkansas considerably outraised the leading opposition group last month as the campaign to legalize marijuana in Arkansas heated up, according to financial reports filed Monday. 

Former Gov. Huckabee opposes marijuana amendment, cites drug cartels and gullible people

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says legalizing recreational marijuana in Arkansas will aid drug cartels and that the cannabis industry will “make a buck off of gullible people” in YouTube videos posted to the website of a marijuana opposition group. 
Joe Biden and marijuana

Governor hopefuls Jones and Harrington applaud Dank Brandon's marijuana pardons, Sanders remains uncool

Two of three candidates for Arkansas governor indicated they support erasing criminal records for simple marijuana possession charges.

Arkansas voters to decide whether to legalize marijuana

Going green.