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Arkansas Supreme Court

Judicial elections in Arkansas a rare source of good news

If you're a progressive in Arkansas, you have to really squint to find good news in election returns last night.
IT Arkansas job board

Hogs need to win in Hoover

Arkansas’s masterful 2021 baseball season reached its peak at the wrong time. Thus far, the 2022 campaign looks more like one where we’ll wonder why they never peaked at all.

Sanders already mentioned as Trump running mate

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who easily won her primary election last night and is widely predicted to easily win in November, is already being mentioned as former President Donald Trump's running mate, should the twice-impeached conman win the nomination in 2024.

King, Ballinger among legislative primaries headed to run-off

State Sen. Bob Ballinger (R-Berryville), who drew four Republican primary challengers in District 28, is headed to a June 21 runoff against Bryan King, the former state senator who Ballinger defeated in 2018. They highlight a host of legislative races with runoffs.

Arkansas's Republican treasurer candidate knows a thing or two about financial difficulties

At least it's not boring. Arkansas Republican voters go with the bankrupt ethics rules violator for state treasurer.

Release the autopsy photographs from school shootings

Let America see the reality of our collective obsession with guns. Let us see whether our broad interpretation of the Second Amendment and typical reflex to invoke some concept of “freedom” in the face of every such atrocity survives such an assault of images. 

Early, easy victories for Arkansas governor hopefuls Chris Jones and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

It's Jones vs. Sanders for Arkansas's top office.

Pulaski County early vote suggests few surprises; stream Arkansas PBS coverage

The Pulaski County early vote results are in and, to the degree that they're telling, hold few surprises. The favorites in all the constitutional offices on each side are leading, perhaps save for Sen. Mat Pitsch, who some thought might have a leg up on bankruptcy-plagued Rep. Mark Lowery, in the Republican primary for State Treasurer. Lowery is winning by almost 40% in the early totals, though Pulaski is Lowery's home county.

An 18-year-old with a gun kills 14 elementary students and a teacher in Texas

A gunman murdered a teacher and 14 elementary school children today. Hope your precious 2A rights were worth it.

COVID-19 numbers for May 24, and an open line

Five more deaths.

The story of Lynwood ‘Schoolboy’ Rowe

Beaten by a schoolboy.

No new trial for Josh Duggar, who's set for sentencing Wednesday

Sentencing will happen tomorrow, as planned.

Good riddance to these losers

Your favorite candidates might not win today, but your least-favorite candidates will almost certainly lose. And that's something.

Open line and coronavirus report

73 hospitalized.
Ronnie Floyd

A closer look at megapastor Ronnie Floyd's hand in Arkansas anti-trans legislation

A team of legislators and their attorneys is working to keep a long list of documents about the 2021 transgender youth health care ban out of the public eye. Among those documents is an email from Ronnie Floyd.

Rain forecast delays Parkview, Central graduations

Graduation ceremonies have been shifted to Thursday.

Arkansas hospitals hurting

The first quarter of 2022 has been the worst quarter on record for Arkansas hospitals, according to Bo Ryall, president and CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association, in Mark Friedman's new Arkansas Business story (subscriber's only) on the state of the industry.

Arkansas is #2 (and second in extremism among legislators)

A quarter of Arkansas state lawmakers are far-right extremists.

Arkansas stacks on too many collateral consequences of conviction

Some of Arkansas rules surrounding justice-impacted individuals establish hidden sentences, or barriers, for people who are trying to get back in the labor force and earn an honest living.

Report: Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse