The Asa Falls Short Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the latest coronavirus news and Governor Hutchinson's leadership or lack thereof at this stage of the pandemic. They also talk about former Gov. Mike Huckabee's controversial upcoming speech at Arkansas Martin Luther King commission MLK Day event on Monday and an ethics complaint filed against state Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood.

COVID today: Hospitalizations continue to rise and active cases top 85,000

The number of people sick enough for a hospital or ICU bed continues to rise.

The TGIF news roundup and open line

Virus is stronger than the governor's leadership today

Maddy Morphosis, the Fayetteville contestant on season 14 of "RuPaul's Drag Race," makes debut

In which much was made of Maddy's straight cisgender male-ness, who in turn played an electric guitar with her tongue.

Wendell Griffen continues thundering on the state's M.L. King prayer breakfast

Another blast from Wendell Griffen at Mike Huckabee and Governor Hutchinson for the observance of M.L. King Day by foes of things he stood for.

Bridge repairs in progress: Thank Joe Biden, not Arkansas congressmen

Filling a gap in news coverage today of the Biden infrastructure legislation.

Sen. Tom Cotton, Russian stooge on idea to buy Greenland?

Was Tom Cotton's advocacy of a Greenland purchase encouraged by a letter forged by Russian spies?

The semi-secret 'interfaith' prayer breakfast featuring opponents of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

When is the M.L. King Commission's prayer breakfast featuring Mike Huckabee, a foe of restoring the Voting Rights Act. Who's going? Good questions. Finally answered late Friday.

A new, smellier day on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette comics page?

A coarse word in today's D-G comics recalls a comics dustup of yore.

The governor's silence on the vaccine requirement for health workers is not leadership

The governor failed a leadership test Thursday on the ruling requiring vaccinations of health workers.

COVID (another bad day) and the open line

Nothing good to report.

UAMS updates COVID forecast. Not good.

The forecast is that the worst isn't over.

The Fold mourns loss of employee

A memorial fund has been set up for the family.

Deja vu: M.L. King Jr. on a Senate filibuster against voting rights. Also a gag-worthy blast from the past by French Hill.

Here's a King quote unlikely to be repeated at King Day ceremonies in Little Rock Monday. At least not those put on by the Hutchinson administration.