Tyson workers bore brunt of pandemic illness, new report says

The state regulators were overwhelmed by the pandemic as a third of Tyson's chicken plant workforce fell ill.

50 Cent is hanging out by the champagne fridge at Warehouse Liquor in SoMa

Warehouse Liquor on Main St. has a 50 Cent special today.

Settlement announced in complaint over USAble treatment of pregnant employee

Employee fired by USAble Life over treatment while pregnant wins settlement through federal agency.

Infrastructure? Needs appear small in Arkansas

Arkansas projects lacking in infrastructure list.

I-40 bridge fix may take 'considerable amount of time,' senator says. Crack 'significant,' engineers say

Outlook for speedy reopening of Interstate 40 bridge at Memphis is not good.

'A Call for American Renewal' includes four Arkansans urging change in the Republican Party

Four Arkansans join coalition to reshape the Republican Party.

The cowardly Republican ouster of Liz Cheney

Cowardly Republicans dump Liz Cheney in secret without a real vote. What do the tough-guy Arkansas congressmen have to say?

Brad Karren resigns as administrative judge of his circuit following parking lot dispute

Parking space rage episode leads to judge stepping down from administrative post.

Candidates emerge for attorney general, prosecutor

Candidates emerging for attorney general and prosecutor.

Normalcy returns -- for the vaccinated. Ideas for promoting shots include a lottery and endorsements from high-profile coaches

So isn't it time to get your shots?

Petit & Keet reviving menu from Jacques and Suzanne for two nights

Petit & Keet is celebrating its fourth anniversary on May 18 by bringing back the dishes that made Jacques and Suzanne one of the premier spots for fine dining in Little Rock in the '70s and '80s.

Arkansas hunts for deadbeats

Arkansas polliticians are convinced the jobless are pulling a scam. Might that reflect their own character?

Surprise: Republican-led states suffered more from COVID-19

Surprise. Red states suffered for less restrictive responses to coronavirus.

Other states join Arkansas in cutting federal jobless benefits, but with a bit more compassion

Other states reducing federal unemployment benefits are providing a carrot to jobless workers. In Arkansas, it is only the stick.

Coronavirus today: 224 new cases

HIgh positive rate. Low vaccination rate. It ain't over.

Coronavirus today: 192 new cases

Almost 200 new cases and the testing and shot reports remain low.

Little Rock Board tables consideration of sales tax increase until July

The Little Rock Board of Directors has voted to table consideration of a proposal to refer a permanent 1% sales tax to voters. Ward 3 Director Kathy Webb made the motion to delay consideration of the plan; all of her board colleagues voted in with her save Ward 1 Director Erma Hendrix and At-large Director Antwan Phillips. 

Microshorts, paper rainforests and Fort Smith history at CALS Made in Arkansas Film Festival this weekend

Get out the projector (or turn on the TV); Central Arkansas Library System's Made in Arkansas Film Festival is going virtual this weekend.

I-40 bridge repair could take two months UPDATE

The outlook remains hazy, but prolonged, for reopening the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi River.

Polling the Little Rock sales tax

Take the poll on the Little Rock sales tax plan.

How bad are the Mississippi River bridge cracks? Bad.

The I-40 bridge at Memphis remains closed for what appears to be a need for major repairs.

Today's news: A bridge, a virus, a cult.

The topics are wide-ranging today.

Amazon keeps building in the region

Amazon continues to grow in the region. Seems strategic, rather than based on local cheerleading.

Today's news: A bridge troubles waters as well as motorists

The news begins at the border.