State proposes limited return of LR school control, begins move to oust teachers union

The state Board of Education has approved a proposal for limited return of control to Little Rock School District voters and seems ready to oust teachers union as bargaining agent. Strong criticism heard.

What's next for Little Rock teachers

It's not hard to connect the dots. Nine months ago, when Education Commissioner Johnny Key demanded that the Little Rock Education Association agree to strip Little Rock teachers at struggling schools of the employment protections enjoyed by all other public school teachers in the state, the goal was to kill the LREA, the lone teacher's union in the state that still represents teachers in the district in collective bargaining. Today was the follow-up.

Unemployment rate holds steady

Unemployment rate holds steady.

Secret government gets a pass from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette overage of the sneak attack on the Little Rock School District yesterday omitted some important points that the newspaper normally would highlight.
Taco Mama

Taco Mama | Tres Dishes! - A staple in the Hot Springs, Arkansas food scene - Feast Mode!

Taco Mama is a staple of the Hot Springs food scene. We’re meeting up with the one and only Chef Diana Marez Bratton. 'The' Taco Mama! Diana has been turning heads with her culinary delights for years.

The Save Our LRSD open line

The open line is a call to action.

Police report another shooting death

Another homicide in Southwest Little Rock.

Walmart to stop sale of e-cigarettes

Walmart is ending sale of e-cigarettes.

Today's news: Outrage over Asa's state Board of Education

The daily video: A rant about Asa Hutchinson's Board of Education and education commissioner's lawless fig leaf of a return of control to Little Rock School District.

Internet used car seller to open facility in West Memphis

Carvana, which markets used cars on the Internet, will open a facility to recondition and distribute the vehicles in West Memphis.

Retired park superintendent to run for House in Faulkner County

Steve Wilson, retired superintendent of Woolly Hollow State Park in Greenbrier, will run as a Democrat for House District 67, currently held by Republican Rep. Stephen Meeks.

Study gun safety? Legislative Council says no.

The Arkansas Democratic Party notes that the Arkansas Legislative Council refused on voice votes today to even study the potential value of a couple of modest gun-safety measures.

Trump corruption in plain view

Trump's quid pro quo with Ukraine: Is anything impeachable anymore?

Did Johnny Key really say that? UPDATE

Worth highlighting is the prepared statement issued today by Arkansas Education Commissioner Johnny Key, who's failed in running the Little Rock School District for almost five years and whose department came up with the fake local-control plan crammed down the district's throat by the Asa Hutchinson-controlled state Board of Education at a surprise meeting today.

Another Democratic House candidacy to note

Spotted on Facebook today was this announcement by Matthew Stallings of North Little Rock, who plans a Democratic challlenge of Republican Rep. Carlton Wing for House District 38.

'Stonewall 50': Five Questions with Seth Pennington of Sibling Rivalry Press

"That’s why it’s so important to open the floor to everyone, to make a space for queer art — everyone has a story but not everyone will share it if they are not seen first," Pennington said. "If we nurture this community we have, if we can be brave in that way, what I hope most: more queer people will stay."