Keith Ingram joins call for legislative action to allow local governments to impose mask mandates

Another Democrat wants action to repeal a ban on mask mandates. Wrong party, sorry to say.

Democrat Nick Cartwright announces for 2nd District Congress

A young Democrat enters the 2nd District race.

LRSD board approves vaccine incentive, millage outline and hears about salary hike plans

The Little Rock School District Board on Thursday voted to pay all district employees who can show proof of vaccination a $300 one-time bonus. It also approved the LRSD's COVID-19 sick leave policy, which is similar to last year's, rather than a more punitive plan that had been floated before the third surge of the coronavirus in Arkansas.

Coronavirus today: Another jump in hospitalizations

Almost 2,000 new cases and 21 more hospital beds taken by COVID-19 patients. But vaccinations are up sharply.

Deal for Little Rock Port gun factory is dead

Another defunct state deal once heralded as creating 565 jobs.

Hopeless Arkansas: Leaderless and stubbornly resistant to science

Neither the governor, legislature or men on the street give cause for optimism about Arkansas responding to the new surge in COVID-19.

Today's news: Has fear encouraged more people to get vaccinated?

No thanks to Republican leadership, more people seem to think maybe this COVID-19 is a thing after all.

Opioid settlement could bring $216 million to Arkansas in 18-year payout

Arkansas likely will sign off on a multi-billion-dollar settlement of lawsuits against makers of opioids.

Free beer tomorrow: The promises to end the state income tax

Republicans keep selling the fiction that income tax cuts pay for themselves. They never have. That's why candidates have few details to back up their promise of free beer tomorrow.

I-40 bridge reopening seems likely to be pushed to August

The reopening of the I-40 bridge now seems likely to be pushed into August. Meanwhile, doesn't anybody care about revelations of broader responsibility for failed inspection work?

Vox pop: At least a couple of non-Democratic legislators have heard the cries of constituents

Do you hear the people sing, Arkansas legislature? There are some angry moms and dads out there.

The lawsuits to come on 'divisive concepts': A constitutional line of defense

Can public employees be arbitrarily fired for talking about racial matters. There are a couple of constitutional arguments against it,.

The Legal Victory for Trans Kids Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about COVID-19 and the prohibition on mask mandates, a legal victory for transgender kids and teens and a new report that suggests a deeper reckoning is needed in the Arkansas Department of Transportation in the wake of the discovery of a crack in the Hernando DeSoto Bridge to Memphis.

LRSD Board to discuss employee incentives for getting vaccinated

School board members will discuss ways to encourage teachers and other school employees to get vaccinated.

UPDATE: Familiar names on witness lists as jury selection begins in Gilbert Baker bribery trial

The Gilbert Baker bribery trial begins with the disclosure of potential witnesses.

Lawsuit challenges Hutchinson's early cutoff of federal unemployment benefits

Lawsuit challenges early cutoff of "life-sustaining" federal unemployment benefits to people unable to find jobw.

Change of the guard: White Water Tavern reopens in August under new ownership

Through its 45-year history, it's stayed just the way we like it: crusty, unpretentious, sweetly familiar. And here’s the good news: After a year and change of being shuttered, the place looks largely the same ahead of its reopening.

Tom Cotton, scourge of Big Tech, is trolling for campaign cash in Facebook's hometown

Tom Cotton trolls for cash in Silicon Valley, home of Big Tech.

State supreme court justice and former U.S. attorney on witness list as bribery trial begins

Should former U.S. Attorney Cody Hiland testify, he could be cross-examined by either of two assistant U.S. attorneys he formerly supervised, Patrick Harris and Julie Peters.

Coronavirus today: Hospitalizations steady, but 1,860 new cases

Mixed news, with another significant rise in new cases.

The Root suspends indoor dining amid surge of delta variant

The Root Cafe announced on Facebook and Instagram yesterday that it will be closing its dining room in response to the rise in COVID-19 cases brought on by the more contagious delta variant.

The daily news roundup and open line

Well, at least the Whitewater Tavern is reopening.

Sarah Sanders vows not to fight COVID-19

Sarah Sanders will do nothing to encourage good public health to deal with COVID-19. She'll fit right in with other Arkansas political leaders.

Historic Arkansas Museum to celebrate corn in third History is Served dinner

Corn will the be the centerpiece of the third dinner of the Historic Arkansas Museum's 2021 “History is Served: Arkansas Foodways Dinner Series,” taking place August 19.