Arkansas patients attest: Medical marijuana helps

Sleeplessness, PTSD, epilepsy all relieved by cannabis.

Pot and the pandemic in Arkansas

Medical marijuana dispensaries offer delivery, add new in-store safety measures.

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An Arkansas weed scholar's lab notes

We talk terpenes with a Little Rock budtender.

Harvest House in Little Rock: the Chipotle of cannabis

Harvest House of Cannabis arrives in Little Rock and takes weed upscale. But is that enough?

Sen. Bledsoe and others urge Arkansans to ‘just don’t sign’ recreational pot petitions

At a press conference Thursday morning, Sen. Cecile Bledsoe and several conservative state and faith leaders warned Arkansans about the dangers of marijuana and implored voters not to sign petitions in favor of legalizing the drug.

Marijuana commission to issue new dispensary license in Southeast Arkansas

The state Medical Marijuana Commission has voted to issue a fifth dispensary license to Southeast Arkansas's Zone 7, in which only one of the zone's four licensed dispensaries has opened for business.

The cost of cannabis

Dispensaries share how they price their products and their hopes for the growing industry.

Medical marijuana cardholders seeking relief in Arkansas’s weed deserts

Arkansas has 14 operating medical marijuana dispensaries, most of which have opened in more densely populated areas of the state. Northwest Arkansas’s Zone 1 is the only zone in the state in which all four dispensaries are open; none of the four dispensaries licensed to operate in Southwest Arkansas’s Zone 8 have opened.

Ode to OG Kush

Arkansas dispensaries share their best-selling strains and products.

Medical Marijuana Commission approves four changes in dispensary ownership

The Commission approved change in ownership requests for four dispensaries, including the total sale of THC Rx in West Memphis. 

Cannabis comedy: A Q&A with Matt Besser on his stoner stand-up special, 'Pot Humor'

A Q&A with comedian and Little Rock native Matt Besser about his new stand-up special "Pot Humor," which explores stoner culture, pot semantics and parenthood.

Cannabis card clinics come to Arkansas

New clinics help patients get certification that the state requires.

Designer Korto Momolu's cannabis clothing line

How Little Rock designer Korto Momolu brought a weed-inspired collection to New York Fashion Week.

Police ‘drug recognition experts’ must decide how high is too high

As the medical marijuana industry grows, law enforcement agencies in Arkansas are faced with an unprecedented problem: identifying how much cannabis in a cardholder’s system renders them too impaired to drive. 

Another Bentonville marijuana dispensary to open Thursday

The state ABC Division has announced an eighth medical marijuana dispensary has been cleared to open. It's expected to open Thursday in Bentonville.

State provides update on Arkansas dispensary openings

A document compiled by Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control Division officials suggests that many of the state's 25 unopened medical marijuana dispensaries expect to open this fall.

Marijuana commission approves name, location and ownership changes

In a meeting of the state Medical Marijuana Commission on Tuesday afternoon, commissioners approved name changes for three dispensaries, floor plan changes for five dispensaries, and change in ownership requests for four dispensaries. The commission also approved a change in location request for Noah’s Ark dispensary in El Dorado. 

The ReLeaf Center dispensary to open Wednesday in Bentonville

Northwest Arkansas's first dispensary is set to open on Wednesday. The ReLeaf Center in Bentonville received final approval from the state Medical Marijuana Commission on Tuesday, and after a soft opening at noon on Wednesday, the dispensary will have a grand opening on Friday, Aug. 9 at noon. 

Grass is greener in Oklahoma

Over 18,000 medical marijuana cardholders in Arkansas as of today. But everything about Oklahoma's medical cannabis program is better than Arkansas's.
Picture of Brandon Thornton in Steep Hill Arkansas's lab

How Steep Hill Arkansas tests medical cannabis

Steep Hill Arkansas is the only Arkansas Department of Health-certified cannabis testing lab in the state. Because of that, Steep Hill winds up with a small, very aromatic sample of every cannabis crop grown legally in Arkansas. From there, the lab runs each sample through a battery of tests to determine both the desirable and the undesirable within it, including THC content and any potential contamination, before reporting its findings back to the health department.