Marijuana commission moves closer to issuing final dispensary licenses

The rule changes are expected to go before the Arkansas Legislative Council next month and, if approved, the commission could issue the final licenses at its meeting in March, commission spokesman Scott Hardin said. 

Campaign underway for marijuana legalization

Arkansas adults will be able to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use by February 2023 if a recently filed constitutional amendment proposal makes the ballot and is approved by voters next year.

Push begins for marijuana legalization in Arkansas

Grassroots groups collecting signatures in hopes of making the ballot.

Marijuana commission paves way for final dispensary licenses to be issued

State medical marijuana regulators approved rule changes on Thursday that set the state on a path to issue the final two dispensary licenses by January.  

The state of marijuana in Arkansas

Cannabis has never been easier to get in Arkansas. But is it good?

Grandma’s guide to marijuana

For folks new to medical marijuana, here's a glossary.
picture of Good Day Farm's Alex Gray

Little Rock lawyer Alex Gray and other investors in Good Day Farm look to become a regional player in the cannabis industry

Gray is co-owner of both a medical marijuana cultivation facility and a dispensary in Arkansas, and of cultivation facilities in Louisiana and Missouri. He and other investors are primed to open a grow operation in Mississippi and continue to expand throughout the Southeast as the ever-evolving market continues to open up
picture of Natural State Medicinals' chocolate bar

Insight into medical marijuana edibles in Arkansas

Trevor Swedenburg talks about what sets Natural State Medicinals apart.

Still under construction, Grady marijuana cultivator gets license extension

Carpenter Medical Group will have seven more months to complete its medical marijuana cultivation facility after state regulators granted an extension to the Southeast Arkansas cultivator that had recently abandoned its license.
picture of Ashton Harper

Building green in Arkansas: contractor and security firm discover medical marijuana niche

HARCO Constructors and Progressive Technologies are filling a need.

A guide to Little Rock area medical marijuana dispensaries

The bake sale is on.

Arkansas marijuana commission takes step to award final dispensary licenses

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission unanimously decided Thursday to choose the state’s final two dispensaries from a list of expired applications rather than initiate a new application process if the governor’s office and a legislative committee sign off on the process.

West Little Rock gets its first medical marijuana dispensary

West Little Rock’s first medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open on November 1 after the owners received approval from the state Medical Marijuana Commission Tuesday night.

New dispensary on Cantrell is a Snoop-scented delight, but watch that parking lot entrance

Add Native Green in Riverdale to the list of Little Rock medical marijuana dispensaries. And it's cute to boot.
Picture of Dark Horse Medicinal's Casey Flippo

Processors entering Arkansas medical marijuana market

They aim to create diverse product offerings.

Medical marijuana thrives but possession arrests continue by the thousands

Though the number of recorded marijuana offenses in Arkansas declined modestly from 2018 to 2019, arrests remain far higher than they were a decade ago. A bill in the state legislature aims to change that.

A survey of Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries’ compassionate care plans

Tammy Calder is never sure if she’s going to be able to get out of bed on time in the morning. Degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis and fibromyalgia leave her in constant pain and she hasn’t been able to work in more than eight years. Calder, who lives in Huntsville (Madison County) on a limited income, uses medical marijuana to help with her medical conditions. Thanks to discounts called compassionate care plans, she can afford it.

Marijuana decriminalization efforts continue in Arkansas

NORML-izing Mary Jane.

Medical marijuana commission declares dispensary application process expired, leaving two licenses unawarded

The state medical marijuana commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to expire dispensary applications effective Jan. 9, leaving two of the state's 40 licenses unawarded.

Arkansas medical marijuana legal wranglings

Questions over award of latest dispensary, ownership change of cultivation center and more.