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Dead horse flogging at the legislature: Hydroxychloroquine!

When it comes to the coronavirus, the ultraconservative wing of the state legislature is of two minds.

French Hill dodges another debate with Joyce Elliott

What's he afraid of?

With your help, we will get through this

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Today's news and open line: COVID-19 and the schools.

Trump, taxes and school turmoil are in the roundup today.

Coronavirus today: Another 800-plus day UPDATE

Also 21 more deaths. The state is adding them at better than 100 per week.

UPDATE: Superintendent says 69 teachers could face discipline; teachers to reconsider tonight continuing job action

School proceeded normally, superintendent says. Teachers may reconsider job action in face of public backlash.

Board puts off cut in pharmacy benefits until 2022

Amy Fecher, secretary of the Department of Transformation and Shared Services, said the move was a compromise with a focus group.

Is there already a path to ensure absentee votes count? UPDATE

An earlier case recognized the lack of due process for absentee ballots found out of compliance.

LREA president talks on virus safety issues in school

Teacher group leader says schools are not safe for in-person instruction.

There's school. And there's football.

Prescott goes virtual to salvage the football season. Really.

The morning report on the Little Rock schools: Substitutes needed

Disrrict will need at least 200 substitutes on top of others already needed for quarantined or positive cases.

Key responds to LREA UPDATE

He blasts union.

Some Little Rock teachers planning not to report for work in classrooms Monday. District says school will continue. UPDATE

Will Little Rock teachers report to work Monday? It's

New York Times gets hold of Donald Trump's tax records. He generally doesn't pay any

Donald Trump doesn't pay federal income taxes very often. Smart? Or crooked?

Coronavirus today: A relatively modest increase. The line is open. UPDATE

The open line and daily report on new COVID-19 cases

The drug test is back! Let's hope it works out as well for Donald Trump as it did for Frank White

Drug tests? Shades of 1986, Bill Clinton vs. Frank White.

Want to speak up against critics of Catholics? Easy. Vote Joe Biden

It is Republicans who are creating this issue.

Tom Cotton: Caution, demagogue at work

Tom Cotton is busy helping Donald Trump by creating straw men to attack.

Coronavirus update and open line UPDATE

Play ball! Only 809 new cases today.

ACLU on Supreme Court: Slow down UPDATE

Not that what the ACLU says matters at this point

Is this a Democratic Republic? It's more like minority and acreage rule.

Do the people decide the U.S. Supreme Court