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The Plan (Or Lack Thereof) To Reopen Schools Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the plan (or lack thereof) to reopen schools in the fall, Attorney General William Barr's appearance in Little Rock and the city of Little Rock and Top Golf.

Judge halts Daniel Lee execution on request from family of victims

Judge agrees with victim's family plea for a delay.

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Mayor acknowledges a bar/driving range wasn't in War Memorial Park redevelopment plan, but claims it 'aligns' with it. Those involved disagree.

The mayor, through a spokesman, says a little about his surprise plan to turn a major chunk of War Memorial Park over to a sports bar along the lines of (and most likely) Topgolf.

Today's news and the open line

Today's news with a special guest.

Leslie Rutledge's TV tab was $2.2 million in fiscal 2020

A new look in advertising is responsible for $511,000 of the expenses.

Coronavirus today: The virus 'does not give up'

Coronavirus today: A visit to Sevier County brings another day with a big number of new cases.

Black, brown faculty air grievances with UA Little Rock chancellor

Among talking points: While the number of minority students is increasing, the number of Black and Brown faculty is declining.

State Police to crack down on speeding, as the speed limits rise

With speed limits rising on state highways, the State Police will be cracking down on speeders.

Michael Morton strikes out at U.S. Supreme Court on nursing home arbitration appeal

Nursing home magnate loses on finding a technicality to avoid state judgment.

Grant Hodges resigns House seat to take lobbying job

Rep. Grant Hodges resigns from the House for job with Northwest Community College.

Committee forms to prevent popular constitutional changes

Business lobbyists form committee to make it hard for the people to petition for changes in government. They say they are "protecting" the people.

City wants to lease 18 acres of War Memorial Park for a glorified sports bar. Just say no to Topgolf in our park. UPDATE

The city has, largely in secret, fast-tracked a deal to put a Topgolf bar and high-tech driving range on 18 acres on War Memorial Park. It's an outrage.

Teachers: Arkansas is in 'no way ready to safely reopen schools'

Teachers want to go back to work, the AEA says. But the state isn't ready to do so safely.

Education association criticizes state's reopening plan

Tracey-Ann Nelson, executive director of the Arkansas Education Association, says that the state's schools are nowhere near ready to reopen safely. Also, a nationally recognized Little Rock debate teacher tells it straight.

Supreme Court continues bar exam schedule but will allow temporary practice by those who put off test

A waiver to practice will extend through scoring of the February bar exam.

UA Little Rock changes return-to-school plans

UA Little Rock fine-tunes rules for returning to school this fall.

Today's news: Billy Barr visits COVID-19-beset Arkansas

Today's news roundup and open line.

Coronavirus today: A near record on new cases as governor announces continued commitment to on-site school, though 10 days later than planned

Coronavirus today: A near record number of new cases but the state is forging ahead with reopening schools on-site.

Alexander police officer charged with manslaughter

Manslaughter charge filed in shooting at Alexander home.

William Barr meets the press at Governor's Mansion

William Barr joined the governor and two Republican members of Congress for a press briefing at the Governor's Mansion today. Familiar talking points.