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The COVID update and open line.

Down somewhat it seems.

And the FBI doesn't want to talk to Arkansas state troopers who WERE at the Capitol Jan. 6?

The FBI is tracking anyone with a cell phone near the Capitol Jan. 6, but apparently isn't interested in the Arkansas trooper who was using her phone to video the crowd that eventually broke into the Capitol.

Salon: U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton has exaggerated his military record

The vetting of presidential candidate Tom Cotton begins,.

Troopergate: A belated limited hangout on the Arkansas state troopers at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6

OK, the State Police finally admits, maybe our troopers DID go to the Capitol. But nothing to see here. That is all.

Magistrate denies bail for Conway man charged in Capitol riot

No bail for Conway man accused of beating D.C. cop. Too dangerous, judge rules.

The Tears of Joy Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the inauguration Joe Biden, Arkansas political odds and ends and the latest COVID-19 news.

Trooper shoots Johnson County man after he rams cruiser in pursuit

No serious injuries reported.

Little Rock Police Department responds unapologetically to prosecutor unhappy with chief's comment on loitering prosecutions

Police respond to prosecutor's unhappiness at criticism of his handling of loitering cases. Doesn't look like an apology to me.
teacher gets covid vaccine

Arkansas teachers scramble for COVID-19 vaccines

Lacking a top-down plan from the federal or state government, school districts in Arkansas have to vie for their own vaccine sources from the limited number of pharmacies and hospitals that have them.

Today's news and the open line

The news roundup isn't entirely bad today. So there's that
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Drink/Drank/Drunk, a boozy playlist for your inauguration week toasts

In January 2021, the Arkansas Times raises a glass to all things boozy with a series we’re calling Drink/Drank/Drunk. Here's a playlist to accompany the occasion.

Bernie Sanders meme arrives in Arkansas

Bernie's been busy.

A guide to urban hiking in Central Arkansas

A walk in the woods in the city. 

Faulkner County drag queen Symone sparkles on season premiere of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

No "porkchop" for Symone.

50 Arkansas artists who made good noise in 2020

Here — in no particular order — are 50 Arkansas artists/musicians/podcasters who, thankfully, didn't keep quiet this bizarro year. Tell us what we missed, find something you like, throw in the artist's coffers what you can to support it, and pray like hell they'll muddle through to a time when they can perform it for you in person.

Rage and Unleash: A Q&A with Terminal Nation's Stan Liszewski

We talk with Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation about social media dysphoria, being pissed off in 2020 and his band's new record, "Holocene Extinction."

RIP country star and Crossett native K.T. Oslin

Kay Toinette Oslin, a Grammy-winning pioneer in country music and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Famer, died Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. She was born May 15, 1942, in Crossett, Ark., and grew up in Memphis and Houston.

Arkansas Cinema Society hires NWA program director; plans to open ACS office in the region

From the Arkansas Cinema Society today comes news that Kody Ford, a Fayetteville resident, UCA/University of Arkansas graduate and founder of The Idle Class magazine, will become ACS' director of statewide outreach and educational programming/NWA program director.

The slacker's guide to last-minute Arkansas gifts

If you’ve let this much of December go by without making a gift-giving plan, we’ve got a few suggestions, most made in Arkansas and all made to delight the recipient.

Compassion Works For All concert features sets from Big Piph, Greg Spradlin, Rodney Block

Compassion Works For All, a Little Rock-based organization that offers therapeutic programs to incarcerated people and others, is re-airing its virtual benefit concert, 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17.
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Crafting cocktails at home with Arkansas bartenders 

One of the things I miss most about going to bars is the person behind all the fun — the person giving us something to hold in our hands, the one who knows our poison and fuels our buzz and inevitably gives us the crushing news informing us of how much fun we’ve had in a formal spoken word announcement simply known as the bar tab.

Hillcrest Entertainment District approved for First Thursday shop-and-sips

Restaurants and bars in the district will be able to sell drinks in approved cups that customers can take with them as they shop and walk within the district.

Natural State Brewing Co. goes all in on lagers

“People kind of forgot the most pleasurable experiences can come from a light-bodied beer,” Natural State Brewing's Will Sonneman said. “That’s why we’ve seen a rekindling of lager beer.”

Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance partners with three Central Arkansas restaurants on Plating Change initiative

The Plating Change initiative has also partnered with actor and North Little Rock native Mary Steenburgen and her husband, actor Ted Danson, who are both longtime supporters of the No Kid Hungry campaign to combat childhood hunger.

The Fold creates new 'pod system' staff safety measure, resumes outdoor dining

"This last closure brought to light again how important it was for us to minimize exposure to staff members as much as possible," chef and co-owner Alex Smith said in an email.

A Beginner's Guide to Bourbon

If you’re in the spirit for a new spirit this year, don’t be afraid to give bourbon a try. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you on your way.

Pawpaws and Pilsners: A Q&A with Jason Aamodt of Norfork Brewing Co.

We talked with Jason Aamodt of Norfork Brewing Co. about brewing, business and how a member of Southern rock outfit Black Oak Arkansas ended up as the stout’s namesake and ambassador.

The timeless appeal of Newport's Postmaster Spirits

If that name clangs any bells, if it whispers of any hangovers past, it’s likely because of the all-too-timely product that brought an orange wave of headlines back in April 2019: Trump Tonic. (“Trump tonic will grab you by your ‘wherever,’ ” the back of the bottle reads.)

Yellow Rocket Concepts restaurants to support Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance in dollar-for-dollar match fundraising campaign

Before the pandemic, Arkansas ranked third in the nation for food insecurity rates. Feeding America estimated that by the end of 2020, an additional 160,000 Arkansans — and 1 in 3 Arkansas children — faced hunger.

Minute Man goes mobile

The newest addition to the Minute Man relaunch is a 25-foot mobile food truck that will be stationed where Wes Hall's original Minute Man once stood, at Fourth and Broadway.
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